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[Guardian]New York -A UNITED States of America-based Nigerian Christian group, the Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans, CANAN yesterday said it is considering sending a petition to the US government to release some of the interests accrued on looted Nigerian funds in America to cater for the welfare of terrorism victims in Nigeria.

The Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Nigeria, Mr. Daouda Toure, has described Nigeria as too economically and politically important to Africa in particular and the world in general. He added that the country should not be allowed to disintegrate. Toure, therefore, called on Nigerian leaders to put their acts together and solve...  [Read More...]

Yes, Ebola can come to the United States. But no, there's no reason to panic.

Given that international air travel is commonplace, it's realistic that an infected passenger could land in the country.

A man boards a plane in Liberia with a slight fever. As the jet nears an airport in New York, his temperature rises; his throat grows sore.

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